Offensive and dangerous weapons: new legislation – Home Office Consultation

This consultation opened on Sunday 14th October and runs till 11:45 PM on 9th December 2017. This is an extremely short period, as most consultations run for 6 months. Please open and read the following links, to become fully aware of what is involved. There is no need to make a rushed response and the number of words you can use are very limited, so please use them wisely.

Please also write to your MP, if you feel that this consultation is flawed, either by its duration, or by its content and assumptions.

Notes on the consultation can be found at:

To respond to the online consultation, go to:

Offensive knives are listed in

This item of legislation is currently only available in its original format, so there are only 14 different types mentioned. The Consultation includes the full list.

Many of the questions are specific to RFDs, to find out how much the government will have to pay out in compensation. This, and the short duration of the consultation, gives the impression that the Home Office have already decided to prohibit .50 BMG target rifles, (it is the military ammunition that is destructive, not the rifle itself), and Manually Activated Release System, (including Lever Release system), rifles.

Please be polite and specific, as the number of words in your response is severely limited. Please also give feedback, if you feel that this consultation is merely a rubber stamp process for something that has already been undemocratically, unfairly or unreasonably decided.

It is believed that there will be advise on responses from some of the organisations listed in Appendix 2, (unfortunately, the VAA is not included on this list, for reasons unknown). Consequently, please do not make a rushed response, unless you are very clear on all the issues involved.

Although antiques are exempt from the proposed legislation to prohibit the possession of ‘knives’ in your home, these, (unlike firearms), are defined as items over 100 years old, so although WWI bayonets are exempt but WWII bayonets are not. Please consider this when responding.