Membership Guidelines


Home Office Approval No FMS 04 24/25/19/1


1 Each application must be accompanied by three recent passport-style photographs of the applicant, and by the appropriate fee.

2 Indicate membership of other relevant organisations, such as shooting clubs or military establishments. The Applicant agrees to allow the Association to make any enquiries deemed necessary to establish the bona fides of the Applicant, and to fulfil current Home Office Guidelines. If the Applicant holds a current firearm certificate, details should be provided.

3 FULL Membership permits attendance and shooting at all Association ranges (subject to any local restrictions) for the remainder of the membership year. Full Members have voting rights in the Association and receive the Association periodical, The Primer. SENIOR Membership at a reduced annual rate is open to those aged 65 years and over, and offers the same benefits as Full membership. LIFE Membership provides Full Membership benefits for a one-off payment of ten times the current annual fee.
Annual fees for new applications for FULL membership are discounted pro-rate for the remainder of the membership year, which runs from April 1st to March 31st. Applicants should therefore submit one-twelth of the annual fee shown for each remaining month or part-month from date of application to the year-end. For example, an application for Full Membership (Annual fee £60) during September would require a fee covering the remaining seven months, i.e. 7 x £5 = £35. The Full fee for Jersey residents is discounted to £40. All other memberships incur the full annual fee at any time.
FAMILY Membership is open to the spouse or partner and to children under eighteen of a Full Member. Family Members may attend and shoot on Association ranges only while under the direct supervision of their respective Full Member. A Family Member has no voting rights in the Association, and does not receive the Association periodical. A separate application must be made in respect of each Family Member.
JUNIOR Membership is open to all persons under the age of eighteen. A Junior Member may attend and shoot on Association ranges only while under the direct supervision of the Proposing Member. A Junior Member has no vote in the Association and will not receive the Association periodical.
CORRESPONDING (Non-Shooting) Membership is open to all. A Corresponding Member has full voting rights in the Association and will receive the Association periodical. A Corresponding Member has no shooting rights and may not attend Association ranges other than as a Guest of the Association.

4 The Applicant must be proposed by a Full (including Senior and Life) Member of the Association of at least two years standing. The Application must be countersigned by an official (Committee Member) of the Association. The completed form, together with photographs and fees as specified above, must be returned to the counter signatory. Applications that do not conform to these requirements will not be accepted.

5 The Applicant will normally be asked to serve a probationary period of up to six months before the Association will consider granting membership. During this probationary period the applicant will be expected to attend a minimum of six range meetings and may only shoot under the direct supervision of an experienced Full Member or as directed by the presiding Range Officer. A Probationary membership Card will be issued, and this should be endorsed by the Range Officer at each meeting as a record of attendance. On satisfactory completion of the probationary period the Applicant may be offered Membership of the Association and be issued with an appropriate membership card. This probationary period may be waived at the discretion of the Committee for suitably qualified applicants who are already in possession of a Firearms certificate.

6 Association Membership terminates on March 31st, and all membership rights cease on this date. All memberships are granted subject to the approval of, and may be terminated for cause at the discretion of, the Committee.

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