Application and Renewal


New Membership Application

  • The Membership Application Form is required for all new applications, and may be downloaded from here. This form details the rules and guidelines applying to individual memberships, and the use made by the Vintage Arms Association (VAA) of all information subsequently held under Data Protection (GDPR) regulations. By completing and submitting a form, the applicant agrees to abide by those rules, and those contained within the VAA Constitution, and its GDPR implementation policy.
  • Two references are required; a proposal from a current VAA Full member of at least two years standing, supported by a VAA committee member. Typically, the committee member would be a Range Conducting Officer (RCO) or Range Secretary, and organising a visit to a range is recommended as a first step wherever possible. The Association has a number of venues around the South-East, and there is usually a meeting somewhere most weekends. The calendar detailing forthcoming events may be found here. 
  • All fields on the form must be completed. If a field is not applicable then it should be marked “n/a”
  • The completed form, together with a current passport-style photograph, may be handed to any VAA Committee member, together with the appropriate fee, as listed below. Alternatively, forms and photographs may be emailed (in jpg format) to Payment may also be made at any branch of Barclays Bank, or by online bank transfer (BACS) to the Vintage Arms Association, Sort Code 20-73-26,  Account No. 20039101.
  • Note that the membership fees shown are for the whole club year, April 1st to March 31st. Those applying for Full (including Senior and Jersey) membership at any other time may submit one-twelfth of the annual fee for each remaining month or part-month from the date of application to March 31st of the following year. An application for Full Membership during September, for example, would incur a fee of £40.83 for the remaining seven months.  Life, Family, Junior and Corresponding fees are as shown at any time of application.

Renewal of Membership

In order to renew an existing membership it is necessary only to submit the appropriate annual fee. No application form is required, but any change to a member’s personal data must be notified without delay. Memberships are due for renewal by the 31st of March. A period of grace until the end of April may be allowed for late payment at the discretion of the Committee, although this is not an extension of membership, and no range access is permitted until full payment has been made. Any member not having renewed by the end of April is deemed to have resigned from the Association.

Membership Fees: 2019-2020

Full  Membership: £70

Full – Jersey residents: £40                 

Full – Senior: £45

Life: £700

Family: £10

Junior: £10

Corresponding: £15

For queries or for any further information regarding the application process, please contact the Membership Secretary here.