Application for Association membership is usually straightforward. However, as with most things relating to firearms, there are formalities to be observed. The Association is an Approved Club under UK firearms legislation, and operates in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Home Office.

Getting Started

The application process requires the applicant to be proposed by an existing member, and the application to be countersigned by an Association official – traditionally, a Range Officer or Range Secretary. A visit to a range is therefor a good start where this is possible. The Association has a number of ranges around the East and South-East, and there is usually a meeting somewhere most weekends. Full details of the current meeting schedule may be found under ‘shooting dates‘. If the applicant has no previous contact with the Association or its members then a suitable time and place may be arranged with a member of the committee through Contacts.

Each event is run by a Range Officer who will guide applicants through the procedure, and supply the necessary forms. Normally, the Association requires new applicants to serve a probationary period of six months. During this time, the applicant would be expected to attend meetings and generally demonstrate good practice and safety on the range. When the probationary period is complete, and the Range Secretary is satisfied with the applicant’s record, then membership of the Association may be offered. Note that this probationary period may be waived at the discretion of the committee for suitably qualified applicants. Ordinarily, this would apply to experienced shooters, and those with current firearm certificates.

Membership Types

Full Membership permits attendance and shooting at all Association ranges (subject to any local restrictions) for the remainder of the membership year, April 1st to March 31st.  Full Members have voting rights in the Association and receive the Association periodical, The Primer. Those of UK pensionable age are offered full membership at a reduced (Senior) rate. Applicants may also elect to take Life membership for a single payment of ten times the full annual fee.

The Association also offers a Family membership to the spouse or partner and to any children under twenty-one of a Full Member. Family Members may attend and shoot on Association ranges while under the supervision of their respective Full Member.

Young persons under the age of twenty-one not directly qualifying as family members may be proposed for Junior membership by a full member.  This allows them to attend and to shoot on Association ranges, again while under the supervision of the proposing member.  The Association has a long-standing policy of encouraging young persons to engage in the shooting sports, and the fees for Family and Junior memberships are heavily discounted.

Corresponding (Non-Shooting) membership is open to anyone who wishes to support and take an interest in the Association but not attend Association ranges.  Corresponding Members have voting rights in the Association and receive the Association periodical.

The full application process and conditions of membership may be found here.