The Application form

All fields on the form must be completed. Firearm or Shotgun certificate holders should provide their certificate number, the name of the issuing police authority and the date of expiry. Those with SCC, RCO or RSO certificates should provide the certificate numbers and dates of expiry. Some fields may not be applicable, in which case they should be completed with “n/a”.

The form requires two referees to support the application. Referees must be Full members of the VAA of at least two years standing, and should provide their membership number. If referees are not yet available then complete these fields with “none.”

By the act of submitting an application form, the applicant accepts the Association Terms of Membership, and and agrees to abide by the VAA Constitution and GDPR policy. The applicant also declares that they are not prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition by virtue of the Firearms Act 1968. The Association may make any enquiries deemed necessary by the Committee to establish the bona fides of an applicant. Successful applicants will be contacted by the Association to confirm the next steps of the process.

Note that membership subscription fees may be subject to reduction for applications made part way through the Association year, April 1st to March 31st. Please contact the Membership Secretary for confirmation of the appropriate fee before making payment. or for any enquiries concerning the application process.

The application form is also available as a pdf and may be printed, completed and submitted via an Association committee member in hard copy format, or emailed to the Membership Secretary. Hard copy and emailed applications must be accompanied by a recent, passport-style, photograph. 

For all general enquiries, please contact the Association here.